YourHelpsMinistry is designed to move all your helps ministry training to the internet so it can be used over and over again; with training videos and other material accessible only to your people and when you make it available.
Pastors and church leaders, let’s face it, without the ministry of helps your church can’t grow. With a healthy, vibrant ministry of helps the lid can come off and your church can experience tremendous growth. YourHelpsMinistry wants to partner with you to equip your people faster, better, and with less time using technology.

The reality is that younger generations don’t want to come to church an extra night during the week or on Saturday morning for training to be an usher, greeter, or nursery worker, etc. They learn with their laptop, tablet or mobile device. Why not use technology to your advantage. Go where they are… online.

YourHelpsMinistry makes your video recorded training sessions come alive and connects them with your existing church website. Our software allows you, or your leaders, to easily monitor your people’s progress and make sure they understand your material.

Think of the possibilities… You and your leaders won’t have to train new people over and over again. You won’t have to wonder whether they’re “getting it” or not. Your people won’t have to wait for a class sometime in the future when they are excited, eager to learn, and ready to help now!

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