Attention Pastors! 

Is having your own Bible School a part of your long-term vision, maybe five or ten years in the future? YourBibleSchool can help you do it in a few months instead.  With your “on location” teaching, supplemented with other instructors you choose from our growing list of online courses, your own Bible school can get started sooner than you think.

YourBibleSchool leverages technology so can create your own Bible school and train your own people!

YourBibleSchool makes it so simple to start and maintain a Bible school that only teaches what God has directed you to teach. We’ll help you convert your messages into Bible school classroom instruction and assessments you can administer. We’ll put it all into an online format viewable on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You can combine the live teaching format, and the online format, and get more people involved.

Consider getting new members or staff up to speed quickly and working in your church. You wouldn’t have to send them to a far away Bible school and wonder if they’ll ever come back.

What about using your new Bible school as a part of your missions outreaches? When you and/or your team go on a missions trip, you can take your Bible school with you. When you return home, your Bible school can stay there and new believers can continue to learn from the Word of God.

Consider the greater influence you can have in your own community and beyond by creating a Bible school. The possibilities for your school can grow exponentially as you fulfill the Great Commission! Click here for additional YourBibleSchool features.