Use Premium Content

With Premium Content, you can add qualified instructors to your Bible School as you see fit. We should always teach from what we know and we all “know in part.” No one is an expert in every area of the Bible. That’s where YourBibleSchool instructors can step in via online video courses and bring your students what you can’t. With YourBibleSchool, your students can learn from other instructors with the expertise you don’t have.

YourBibleSchool provides subject matter experts to help train your students.

Preview their courses and only choose what you think your students need. Then you can be sure your students get the well-rounded education they deserve and need to be successful in ministry and life.

Consider using Premium Content to supplement your teaching and expose your students to a wide range of Bible teachers who are experts in their fields of study. For Bible schools like yours, courses start as low as $60 per course, per student.