About YourBibleSchool

YourBibleSchool was born from a passion for serving and helping Christian organizations inspire, instruct and equip their students through online learning platforms to impact the world!

YourBibleSchool utilizes three dynamic learning platforms to accomplish these objectives:

YourBibleSchool – YourBibleSchool was created to help pastors, by leveraging technology, to start with minimal cost, their own online Bible school.

YourHelpMinistry – YourHelpsMinistry is designed for pastors and church leaders to inexpensively move all their helps ministry training online. This allows pastors to focus on the other vital needs of the church, and at the same time, get their people trained up faster to assist in growing and serving the local church.

YourSchool – YourSchool was created to help existing Christian institutions transform their traditional instruction to an interactive online experience.

With each learning platform, we fade into the background as you, your church, or your Bible school move into the spotlight.

Who we are: We are Christian educators who believe followers of Jesus should be leading the way, that technology is a gift from God and meant to be used by the body of Christ to propagate the knowledge of God’s Word. With years of online schooling experience, YourBibleSchool is the partner you need to develop your online presence.

The principal team members of YourBibleSchool have almost 60 years of combined Christian education and ministry experience. This experience is also combined with traditional and online educational expertise allowing an invaluable perspective for your online presentation.

Our passion is to assist the body of Christ and to use every available technology in order to spread the truth of God’s Word. How can we help you?


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